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jadebutterfly's Journal

Jade Butterfly - a Nicholas Tse community
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This community is dedicated to providing news, media and various other information about Nicholas Tse in English, as there is a serious dearth of English sites.

Multimedia is welcome and encouraged.

We do have a few rules we expect everyone to follow, although we don't believe you'll find them too hard to obey.

1: This is an English-language community, as not all of Nic's fans speak Chinese. Please remember this.
2: Be nice, so that everyone who joins will enjoy this community.
3: Pictures larger than 300×300 must be put behind the lj cut tag [<lj-cut>] so they won't clog people's friends pages.
4: Please double check your sources when posting news so that we can keep the information here as close to the truth as is possible.
5: If you have a complaint or if you're having a conflict with another member, please contact one of the administrators [Triana, Cameron]. Don't spam the journal with problems or turn the community into a flame war.
6: Again, this community is about Nic. Please stay on topic, as those of us here really aren't interested in, for example, how many hairballs your cat snarks up a day.
7: Community and website plugs are welcome, as long as they concern Nicholas Tse or C-pop/C-rock in general. "Anti" communities are an exception.
8: Please, respect his privacy. We do not have his address, IM name, email address, or anything of the sort, nor would we share them if we did. We're sure he has a way for his fans to contact him, and that ought to be sufficient.
9: Please do not use colour, size, and other text formatting; leave the text unformatted so that it is plain. this is so your entries don't show up weird and/or ugly on incompatibly colHred journals.
9: have fun!

Brother community to nic_tse_icons; check them out!

This community is maintained by lightandashes and panda_monium.